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Jagannath Innovation and Incubation Council launch startup meet on 27th of January 2021. | Global E-Conference on Smart Innovations in Engineering,Systems and Development SIEST-2021 | Campus Placement by Leading Companies 2019 |

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Jagannath Institute Of Technology is located in Thandalam, near Thiruporur, just 1 km away from IT highway, Chennai – 603 110. Sri Venkateshwara Educational and Charitable Trust has promoted this institute, in 2008, with the sole aim of spreading sound technical knowledge to the student community of Chennai and suburb and the nation in general. BIET provides the right atmosphere to learn and grow. With this vision to impart quality technical education, the institute caters to the needs of all communities. High standards of discipline through its dedicated and committed staff providing competitive academic activities will be maintained giving an edge to its students

Enable the student to meet the challenges and demands of the modern highly advanced, scientific and technological society.
Meet the manpower needs of the modern technological world.
Provide service to all communities.
Bring out cultural and national integration amongst the student community.
Inculcate leadership qualities among the students.
Impart noble values of character, Devotion, Politeness and Tolerance to the students.
Foster the feeling of oneness among the students.
Jagannath Institute Of Technology, Tiruporur.
Kanchipuram district, Tamilnadu,